Markus Frig

These three weeks passed so quickly! Thank you very much for a wonderful and unforgettable time in AVS. Thank you for the delicious Indian food and so many bright and warm smiles. The children are so pure and friendly, but also very respectful. I loved to sing with them and to play or talk with them during the break time. I enjoyed many lovely and wonderful moments in class rooms outside or in the bus. A big thank you for making this possible to you and all your cute kids!

Willie Wilkinson

Most impressed with all you have achieved here a humble experience. I wish you all well in the future and hope the hospital is built soon.

Prof. Juch Dick & Margreet

What a nice school, teachers and children! For us it was an unexpected visit and a bond has been offered we should stay one hour but it was nearly 3 hours. It was a great experience to see what can be done for children here and how they can build for their future. We hope that future will be beautiful for them.

Vinod Ramasamy

Appreciate the amount of work done to bring the organisation to the current level. My only request to you is to scale this school and bring more schools for students around this state (Country).

Eva Penterman

To my new family, the last weeks have been the greatest weeks of my life, and I have all of you to thank for that. I enjoyed every single minute at AVS. Come to think of it I can’t even remember when the last time was that I have been so happy. Everybody here, all the students, all the teachers and you Madhan, spread joy to the world all day. I have learnt a lot about your culture and your life style. The food was superb, I enjoyed staying at Malathy, parveen and Neeshath’s house (sleeping on the floor is more comfortable then I thought).

Andrea Gahwiter

After the journey to Tiruvannamalai, the AVS- Staff received me very warm and from the beginning I felt very welcome and like a part of your family! In the morning I helped in the kitchen and it was always funny with the care takers! Mostly the rest of the day I spend time in the lessons, control the home works, helping with the exercise, playing, singing or just have fun together. The children are very friendly and have still respect, just lovely kids! Also the time with Madhan, Giri, the teachers, Ramana and Ramesh was great! We had a lot of interesting conversations and I could learn a lot about your culture and their traditions. Daily I looked forward to the (BEST) chai and the tasty lunch with teachers! I spent also lots of time in the children home and enjoyed that always! Soon they can move in their new home and I’m very happy for them, it’s a great project! Thank you for this great time at AVS- School and I’ve a huge respect for your work!