Primary Education

From humble beginnings we now have both a Kindergarten and Primary School, with a combined population of 210 children, divided into classes of 30 or less. Today with the great help of many good hearts around the world, we have reached our 10th year successfully. Our dedicated teachers, acting like mothers towards their children,  always keeping in mind that through our students we reach the villages' people as well, and make a change in society.

We teach our children to
Respect others, Love others and Help others

Here we offer lessons in Tamil, English and Hindi, Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Computers, and Physical Education: allowing our pupils to follow the syllabus of Tamilnadu Government’s Equal Education System (Samacheer Kalvi). We place a special emphasis on Environmental issues, making these children from tiny villages aware that they too are citizens of this great planet, with their own parts to play in solving its problems.

We also offer so much more, that makes our school exceptional, in offering the children a wide range of opportunities.

They may, for example, study Classical Tamil music (Vocal, Veenai), Western instruments (Key board, Drums), Classical Tamil Dance (Bharathanattiyam), Pottery, Drawing and painting, craft works, Silambam (classical martial art), and Yoga.

Value & Ethics

We would like to support our children, help them form their very own individual characters and teach them values, ethics and morals. This place is not only a school, but a social community resource center - a second home for the children in need.
Environment & Kid friendly Campus Stress Free Education Kids act as Teachers

Environment & Kid friendly Campus

In today's modern world where technology is gaining importance day by day, profit being the motive for most actions. We started a project with a purpose of creating a good & healthy environment for the next generation.

Starting with AVS, Green Children wants other schools all around India & Abroad to join the project & help us. On every child's birthday, the school shall plant a tree, in the surroundings.

Further more, our students plant trees on roadsides & create awareness about Rain water Harvesting, Environment Pollution & Protection among the villagers.
If you are interested to join us, please contact us:

Stress Free Education

In a very small village in Southern India, there is one happy school, different from all the others around it.

The boys and girls who come here to enjoy their education are admitted solely on the basis of need. Many come from homes, which are particularly poor because parent’s earnings are poor. Their families are often semi-literate at best, and all are at the bottom end of society.

Because of its unusual success, more socially successful families sometimes try to use their wealth to buy a place for their children in the school, but such offers are turned away, for the aim of the school is not to serve the privileged and make itself rich, but to help the children, who’d otherwise have no chance of bettering themselves and their families: to teach them through joy and love to become socially conscious citizens, who will ultimately help both their country and the wider world with all its problems.

With such lofty aims, how can success be achieved?
First we must provide the best learning possibilities in a joyful environment, which makes it the home, that many of the children lack, where they can learn to respect, love and help each other, making the school a centre for such feelings to flow out to the society around us.

For this reason, no child is forced to learn, but each is given the personal attention, which will help them find those subjects which most interest and motivate them. So they may discover their own special path through education, and into life.

Kids act as Teachers

We take our students to visit the Police station, the post office, Government offices, banks, and other useful places, to ready them for the World by learning about their functions and the services they offer. And thus the children, themselves, become suppliers of important information on issues like health care, environment, child marriage, and child labour.

In this way, our children become small teachers, spreading the lessons they have learned, spreading education and awareness to the society around them. Anyone who meets them must feel how lovable they are, and the sense of responsibility, already there within many families thus finds a natural extension into the wider world, which is rare in a small village.