A home school curriculum that provides a strong foundation of knowledge

AVS' curriculum is proven, time-tested, and well-renowned as the finest homeschool curriculum available today. Our curriculum has been recognized for excellence by educators and parents, and its success dates back to our roots with the prestigious Calvert School in Baltimore, Maryland.
Our inquiry-based method of learning allows students to absorb subject matter and apply knowledge in vibrant, expressive ways. In sharing their own knowledge and techniques with their peers, individual students collaborate in a bright, open world of learning with endless possibilities.

A Rigorous Curriculum and Teacher-Approved Lessons

Our rigorous and fully accredited curriculum provides a fundamental platform for your child’s homeschool education. Our engaging and comprehensive curriculum is crafted by our homeschool curriculum specialists, all of whom are former educators. You can be assured that your child is presented with relevant and quality instructional materials. They work on your behalf so that you can focus your time on guiding your child towards academic excellence, rather than formulating lesson plans.

With Calvert Education, you will not waste time searching for textbooks, online resources, and lesson plans. Our team researches the best textbook offerings available. If we cannot find material we feel meets our standards, we develop our own. We then provide complementary online materials to support our textbook selections, so your child gets a thorough educational experience.

Each of our courses combines classroom-tested materials, teacher-approved lesson plans, and proven educational methods. Relevant online resources match our carefully planned curriculum. Let us guide you through each day of homeschooling, so you can focus on your child’s education.

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