AVST Programs

With the great help of Philips Electronics India Limited, Bangalore, a computer center was opened by Mr Alexius Collette, CEO, Philips Innovation Center, India. Philips has sponsored 15 used computers, lighting & painting. This computer center enables us to perform activities like

Computer Based Education

All students get a good basic computer education by well trained teachers. They can also come and use the computers during holidays with prior permission.

Job Oriented Computer Course

Students & other unemployed youths are trained in job - oriented courses like Desktop Publishing(DTP) and Data Entry Operation(DEO) by the employee of Philips & school staffs. A certificate is also issued to the students who complete a course successfully.

Summer Computer Course

During the summer vacation, the school offers basic computer education to everyone, regardless of age/occupation.

We strongly believe that, this is a great opportunity to take their skills to the outside world.